In the Heat of August

Give cold-brewed coffee a try! Make a jarful this evening and enjoy it the morning.

Holler Roast’s Cold Brew Blend

It’s a delicious cold beverage when ground coarsely and infused for a number of hours. Several previous Coffee Tales delve into facets of brewing coffee without using heat:

Considering Cold Brew,” August 2021, talks about acidity, chemical composition, and, of course, how to brew;

June Means Cold Brew and Donating,” June 2019, reduces the brewing explanation to a couple of sentences; and

Cold Brewed Coffee,” also June 2019, answers a collection of coffee-lovers’ questions about making coffee in cold water.The August Coffee of the Month is our very own Cold Brew Blend. Instead of covering the same ground a second, third, or fourth time, I thought we’d take a look at the best cold brewing devices on today’s market. Keep your humor ready to blossom.

After an exhaustive Google search, Holler Roast announces these top choices of dedicated cold brewing tools. Fanfare, please.

According to Serious Eats and almost every other cold brew equipment reviewing service, the OXO Brew Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker is best of the best.


Don’t want to wait 12 hours? Load and plug in the Presto Dorothy™ Electric Rapid Cold Brewer.


It’s Holler Roast’s very favorite color. Fans of the color red will have to have the Hario ‘Mizudashi’ Cold Brew Coffee Pot.

Most logical

“Does the job:” the County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Mason Jar Coffee Maker.


Who isn’t attracted to the medieval-looking Nispira Iced Coffee Cold Brew Drip Tower?

Hello, hello, Michelangelo…


This is Holler Roast’s equipment to faire café infusé à froid.

So here’s to cold brew coffee, vacations, and the last lazy days of summer.

All at Holler Roast Coffee wish you a pleasant last month of summer.

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