June Means Cold Brew and Donating

Big news this month!

We’ve partnered with Café Femenino Foundation to provide a Coffee of the Month that also gives back. That’s right, for every pound of June’s Coffee of the Month we roast we’ll give $1 to the Café Femenino Foundation.

Who are they?

Well, the foundation supports education and enabling projects in various areas of the world – largely Africa and Central and South America. We’ll add money to the Rwanda project Food Security Workshop that offers households education and direct help.

All that, and the beans taste delightful. Fruity, nutty, caramel. Yum. If you have not already signed up for our coffee club, this is a great time to subscribe.

Bolivia, Baby

You keep telling me how much you love the Bolivian bean, so I reached out to our importer. Good news: they have 200 pounds left, so we bought it all! The coffee should arrive mid-June.

Want to get your hands on some? You can pre-order them here and we will ship them to you when the beans come in!

Cold Brew, Not Cold Brewski

Summer is here. Things have really heated up, and hot coffee sounds less appealing, but we still hear the siren call of rich mouthfeel and tasty brew. What to do?

Why not try something that doesn’t inject heat and humidity into the house? Cold brew.

Combine coarsely ground beans and COLD water, and let it sit. The resulting syrup makes  a tasty summer treat for hot mornings and lazy afternoons.

We hope you enjoy this month’s new beans. More new things are in the offing, so keep looking.

Make it a great week!

Nicole Sauce

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