Among the Hardwood Trees

Brazil Ipê Natural

Coffee from Brazil is so versatile: it can root a delicious blend, take on spirit-cooling, and stand on its own.

This doesn’t mean that all Brazilian coffee is equal. The coffee for February is an unusual blend grown on several small coffee ranches in the Minas Gerais state: Brazil Ipê Natural.

It’s carefully blended to present a classic flavor and aroma profile that shouts “Brazil.” Grown nearly 4,500 feet above sea level, 90% of the coffee is still hand-picked, processed naturally, then sun-dried.

Brazil Ipê Natural is named for the colorful ipê tree it shares ground with. It is versatile as to both roasting levels and brewing methods. No matter to what level you roast it or how you brew it, this bean delivers rich, nuanced flavors in your cup.

All this from the world’s largest coffee producer, where the rich soil, high-elevation ranches, and ideal climate combine to grow wonderful arabica coffee.

Notice the delectable aroma while your mug of Brazil Ipê brews, and then savor the consistent flavor of low-acid, nutty chocolate coffee.