Highland Coffee from the Nile-Congo Divide

Honey Process Burundi

The story of this coffee is not clever or deeply historic, but it’s riveting.

Kayenza Province is situated in northeast Burundi, near the southern border with Rwanda, and contains the source waters of the Nile River. The 1893-meter altitude, volcanic soil, and relative availability of water produce an exotic high-altitude coffee you’ll long remember.

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Rainy Season Coffee

Monsooned Malabar

Get ready for an outstanding coffee from a country you might not have expected, grown in conditions you’d surely have thought awful – and yet, it’s a coffee tasters treasure. These beans come all the way from the Malabar region of India’s southwest coast. Read more

Among the Hardwood Trees

Brazil Ipê Natural

Coffee from Brazil is so versatile: it can root a delicious blend, take on spirit-cooling, and stand on its own. Read more

A Goatherd and a Holy Man Gave Us Coffee

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

It’s widely believed that coffee drinking began between 900 and 1,000 AD in Abyssinia, now Ethiopia. The story goes like this. Read more