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That Others May Live Free

Peaceful Retreat for Combat Veterans This Coffee Tale is longer than most, recognizing the importance of the Darkhorse Lodge project. Operation Enduring Freedom began October 7, 2001, in response to the September 11 attacks. It started with air strikes in Afghanistan against Al Qaeda and the Taliban and expanded to other countries. OEF officially ended […]

A Country for Adventure

Cloud forests, rainforests, volcanoes, wild water, scuba diving, and zipline tours: Costa Rica screams adventure in 12 different climate zones. Plus, a 1989 law made it illegal to grow bad coffee – at least until the 30-year ban was lifted.

Forging Flavor

Some people quickly earn your respect and regard. Patrick Roehrman of MT Knives is one of those for me. So, on the path to discussing September’s Coffee of the Month, let’s hear some of his story.

Let’s Do Something New!

Vietnam Lotus SHG Welcome to July and the chance to do something different with your coffee of the month. After Brazil, which country produces the most coffee in the world?


From Panama with Taste

Panama Boquete Boquete is nowhere near the Panama Canal: it’s high in the mountains, not too far from Costa Rica. It need not be: it’s a fine destination for hanging bridge lovers; coffee drinkers; foodies; volcano visitors; music, arts, and crafts enthusiasts; and those looking for a good place to retire. Boquete hosts the 50-year-old […]

Premium Coffee from Peru

Cusco Choice Organic Living high up in the Andes jungle region at 3,000 – 3,500 feet above sea level, 296 ranchers – 39 of whom are women – grow premium beans for the coffee and cocoa worlds.

Highland Coffee from the Nile-Congo Divide

Honey Process Burundi The story of this coffee is not clever or deeply historic, but it’s riveting. Kayenza Province is situated in northeast Burundi, near the southern border with Rwanda, and contains the source waters of the Nile River. The 1893-meter altitude, volcanic soil, and relative availability of water produce an exotic high-altitude coffee you’ll […]

Rainy Season Coffee

Monsooned Malabar Get ready for an outstanding coffee from a country you might not have expected, grown in conditions you’d surely have thought awful – and yet, it’s a coffee tasters treasure. These beans come all the way from the Malabar region of India’s southwest coast.