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Will Not Give Up

One dynamo can turn defeat into success – in her community, and in the economy of her entire country.

Coffee on the Move

Anyone ready for autumn? Colored leaves, crisp mornings and evenings, and the anticipation of end-of-summer crops…

Considering Cold Brew

This month, Holler Roast Coffee spotlights a year-round coffee you may have dismissed as difficult or confusing. Take a look at Cold Brew Blend. It’s really worth a gander, and it’s the August Coffee of the Month.

All in Good Taste

Superior Coffee from Nicaragua Coffee is Nicaragua’s primary export, and nearly all their coffee is exported. The industry provides 200,000 jobs and is the main source of income to at least 40,000 farming families.

16,000 Volcanic Islands

Coffee from Sumatra Sumatra is the second-largest island in the Republic of Indonesia and the sixth-largest in the world.

“Our Workers Are Crucial”

Father and Son Honey Spend a few minutes in Costa Rica’s central valley, looking up at Poás Volcano and watching a few horses graze in the shade of both indigenous and coffee trees. Welcome to Hacienda Sonora, the source of the May Coffee of the Month.

Thrive: Making a Workshop

Another LFTN Spring Workshop is coming. Presenters and participants have marked April 22 – 24, 2021 on their calendars. The GSD crew have made their annual “helping hands” pilgrimage.

The Road to Coffee

Timor-Leste is, at long last, a sovereign state located just to the east of Indonesia on the island the two countries share, north of Australia. It’s where William Bligh and his Bounty mutineers headed in 1789.

In a Related Story…

Before we start the tale, have you given a thought to February’s holiday? Surely your Valentine would love some Holler Roast. We will gift wrap, tuck in a card, and ship directly to the one you love. My own valentine, Chuck, celebrates his birthday every February. That’s why this month’s Coffee Tale tells a story […]


In Kiswahili, they say “harambee.” It’s both an organizing principle and a tradition in Kenya, from the highland smallholds of which come the January Coffee of the Month. Harambee is the nation’s official motto and appears on its coat of arms.