All in Good Taste

Superior Coffee from Nicaragua

Coffee is Nicaragua’s primary export, and nearly all their coffee is exported. The industry provides 200,000 jobs and is the main source of income to at least 40,000 farming families.


Above the narrowest part of Central America, but with no large port.

This strictly high grown (SHG) organic Nicaragua coffee delivers a medium to smooth body brew accompanied by a fruity, crisp, and clearly-defined snap. The aroma offers elements of caramel, sweet chocolate, and citrus. The very pleasant flavor, balanced and bittersweet, is the result of premium growing conditions and careful processing. Coffee trees thrive in the rich volcanic soil and good climate of high-mountain ranches. The crop develops slowly, which delays the harvest by two months and allows the beans to absorb more nutrients and mature quite slowly. All these factors contribute toward the complex and developed tasting characteristics of Nicaragua Summerfest.


Nicaragua’s 15 departments

European Preparation processing isolates the very finest segment of the harvest with an additional hand-selection operation. The large beans are then washed and patio dried before transport. Because the country has no maritime port, bags full of coffee travel to Costa Rica or Honduras, then are shipped to – for this month’s coffee – Houston, Texas.

Coffee farmers and processors somehow hung on through the protracted politically unstable 20th century, emphasizing quantity rather than quality. Their priority switched in the 21st century: now coffee lovers seek beans from Nicaragua. The coffee is unmistakably Central American, though with a complex and well-balanced flavor and only mild acidity.

The Cooperative

Farmer pleased with the weight of his coffee

PRODECOOP is a certified cooperative and Fair Trade organization, which means our Nicaragua Summerfest comes from identifiable smallhold farmers, largely family operations. PRODE – or possibly PRODES – is a USAID Pro-Decentralization Program with various outreach projects in Nicaragua and many other countries. The Nicaragua PRODE Cooperative for coffee began in 1992 with the purpose of enhancing international marketing efforts and profile and increasing the income of its farmers in this second poorest and most sparsely populated country in Central America. PRODECOOP currently exports an annual 30,000 bags of coffee directly to the international market.

Holler Roast Coffee is delighted to present Nicaragua Summerfest.