Thrive: Making a Workshop

Another LFTN Spring Workshop is coming. Presenters and participants have marked April 22 – 24, 2021 on their calendars. The GSD crew have made their annual “helping hands” pilgrimage. The Holler community and various contractors are hard at work. Soon, local growers, grocers, variety, and restaurant supply stores will receive visits and orders. Again this spring, we hope for clear days and warm nights, because 60 people will spend half a week in the Holler, much of it outdoors, though there are four covered or indoor areas. Workshop presentations will be inside a real building.

It’s a yearly wonder what happens and that it happens. Read on, and you’ll likely agree there’s a lot on the agenda at the LFTN Spring Workshop.

During the 2020 Spring Workshop, Nicole watched and asked questions, aiming to discover what attendees liked, disliked, and wanted more of. Week after week over the intervening months, as she traveled, read, and interviewed, she talked with experts, checking their interest and availability for the 2021 event. The result is that another outstanding slate of presenters have agreed to share their time and knowledge. It’s going to be a fine year for learning, a fine year for meeting pleasant new fellow travelers and re-encountering friends – and a prime way to rejuvenate so you can thrive. The workshop theme “Thrive,” by the way, builds on 2020’s theme, “Grow.”

Yes, there will be a few celebrity visits: we all enjoy rubbing shoulders with successful homesteaders, sturdy individuals, acknowledged experts, and entrepreneurs.


Perhaps the largest project the Thrive workshop will undertake is a full graduation celebration for a pig. Over a couple of days, one animal will move from pigpen to table, each step offered for observation or participation.

Other skill-building sessions include:

  • Business building
  • Business legal structures
  • Crowdfunding
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Grow and preserve food
  • First Aid
  • Herbal remedies
  • Holler property walk
  • Installing fence
  • Make your dream your life
  • Marketing
  • Off-grid living
  • Side hustles
  • Unannounced, serendipitous presentations
A Thriving Life

Take the next step – but also learn some ways to figure out what next step to take. Get a load of these specialties:

  • Diet
  • Forgiveness
  • Impromptu consultations and demonstrations
  • Knife throwing
  • Speed dating for startups and grownups

Those who come decide which level of civilization each prefers. There’s space to set up a tent or hammock. There’s level parking to make sleeping in a vehicle comfortable.

Only three miles away is a large park with pretty cushy camping.

Drive another three miles and you can rent a cabin at a lakeside park.

Regular motel chains and vacation rentals serve the area, too, although they’re a bit farther away.

Edibles and Drinkables

Three times a day, there will be real food, largely from local sources. It’s deftly cooked by our favorite kitchen crew. We make sure there’s plenty for everyone and that what’s offered allows each person to choose delicious meals that meet their eating goals, preferences, and allergies.

Sturdy snacks are always on the table: our motto is “never hungry.”

Cold water and lemonade are frequently refreshed.

Kegs of beer and cider will be in their usual places, as will the Mocktail and Cocktail setup stations. Look for a mocktail recipe of the day, ready for you to mix up and try.

You can chill your favorite beverage in dedicated nonalcoholic and “anything goes” coolers.

Fun and Games

Lawn games are always popular.

Knife throwing has gained enthusiasts, and knifemaker Patrick Roehrman demonstrates and supervises. He’ll also sharpen the knives you bring at an attractive discounted price.

When the sun goes down and dinner is over, conversation breaks out all over the Holler. There’s adequate cover if it’s a rainy day. Not only is karaoke fun, it’s located so that other attendees can converse around the fire pit or get an early night’s slumber.

Buying and Selling

Well, first, there’s the goody bag, with the workshop swag and samples from as many entrepreneurs as wish to show off their products.

In the dedicated vendor area, space is available to participants who let us know they’d like to display their goods or exhibit their services.

The Barter Blanket is always fun.

Vacation Blend

And there will be plenty of Holler Roast coffee, featuring the April Coffee of the Month. Vacation Blend is Nicole Sauce’s favorite coffee for the road. She loves the Colombia variety for its breakfast brightness and the smooth tones of a honey processed premium bean. We’re pretty sure you’ll love it, too.