The Height of Flavor – from Mountain Heights

Welcome Holler Roast’s first coffee from our neighbor Mexico. We are proud to present a superior coffee that comes from the high mountains in the southernmost province of Mexico.

The Soconusco region is wedged between the Sierra Madre de Chiapas and the Pacific Ocean, and it’s here that a cooperative of 8,000 smallholders produce the best coffee in the country. In fact, Chiapas is the top producer of quality organic coffee worldwide.

What Makes Chiapas FTO Taste So Good?

The climate is perfect: it’s warm, humid, and receives enough rain to keep the volcanic soil damp. Also, many diseases and pests fail to flourish in these highlands the way they do lower down.

Since the mid-19th century, when coffee plants were imported from Guatemala, farmers have used healthy, quality agricultural techniques and manually harvested only their best beans. Next, they begin the process that turns coffee cherries into roast-ready beans by washing and drying the harvest in their own communities.

The Chiapas coffee bean is famous for its aroma, intensity, and body. Expect a medium-bodied cupful of chocolaty, fruity flavor and little or no bitterness. Sniff caramel.


The coastal Soconusco region has nurtured people since at least 5500 BC. It’s the oldest Mesoamerican culture that has yet been discovered. After the early Chantuto peoples, other civilizations rose, flourished, and passed away, including Maya and Inca. Even today, Chiapas is home to more than a dozen federally recognized indigenous ethnicities, and threads of the individual languages survive: Tzeltal, Tzotzils, Ch’ols, Tojolabals, Lacandons, Zoques, Mochós, Mams, and Guatemalan migrant groups like the Kekchi, Chuj, Ixil, Kanjobal, K’iche’, and Cakchikel. During colonial and post-colonial times, these people have kept portions of their ancestral identities.

Off the Topic

One classic movie, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1949, based on a 1927 book by B. Traven), closes this coffee description on a coffee-drinking note. Humphrey Bogart, John Huston, Tim Holt, starred. Walter Huston, John’s father, played a superb role as the crusty old miner who knew what was what. Notice who’s drinking coffee – no doubt Chiapas FTO.