Unusual Thoughts Contest: Have Some Fun

Unusual Thoughts while Drinking Holler Roast

It’s a contest!

The other day, while sipping a mug of Holler Roast Blend, my eyes lit on Nicole’s kitchen whiteboard. I had to chuckle.

Do Holler chickens get fan mail?

What a weird thought. Did the coffee trigger it?

So Here’s the Deal

From September 20 through October 20, post a meme or picture that illustrates something unusual you’ve thought while drinking Holler Roast. 

The image should let us in on your thought. Use a caption if you have to, but the photo shouldn’t need a lot of explanation.

The Prize

An eminent panel of good-humored judges will select a winning “unusual thought” photo, and the winner gets to name the January Coffee of the Month.

The Rules

  1. Submissions must be family-friendly.
  2. You must own the image and words.
  3. By entering the contest, you grant us permission to use your submission to sell Holler Roast coffee.
  4. Please be ready to submit a large image file (1 MB or larger). We may reuse your art.
  5. Post to Instagram: @hollerroast and #coffeethoughts

Let’s have fun!